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Arthur Ashley

Bio Captain Arthur Ashley retired from the Lexington (KY) Fire Department with 30 years as a Captain in January of 2024. His career was spent on hazmat engine companies, ladder companies, and special operations. He has been a hazardous material technician since 1994 and hazardous materials specialist since 1999. Working his way up through hazmat and having numerous entries into real world incidents, made him want to learn more about how to be better at hazmat response. Not only making entry and holding positions on incidents, but commanding incidents as well. Starting as a volunteer at 16 years old, he has 38 years in the fire service. He teaches hazmat technician courses on a regular basis. Arthur is a Kentucky Level II Instructor and is a Kentucky State Fire School instructor, was an adjunct instructor with Lexington Fire Training Academy. He writes articles for Fire Engineering Magazine, as well as other magazines and digital publications. He is a regular FDIC instructor and speaker. Captain Ashley is a co-creator and administrator of Truckie Talk, a social media based training page focused on passing along training tips and highlighting the rich tradition of the fire service. Captain Ashley is an instructor for Truckie-Talk, Task Force 1, The Highwaymen, OAI INC, Truck Company Misfits, Blue Collar Firemen Training, and Truck Company Operations. Arthur Ashley

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